Friday, 3 September 2010

Same old L*ton

The scum from up the road have never changed and never look like doing so either. They won their first two or three games and sitting pretty at the top of the league. Last Saturday they lost to Tamworth 3-1 (wahey) and their oh so clever 'supporters' decide to give the players and staff so much absue that this occured after the game:

The next day, this was posted on their website by the manager, his secret thoughts are in bold:

He said: “I over-reacted and was wrong to do so. (No I did not, the only thing I did wrong was not hit one pikey) There are no two ways about it and I should know better. “I would like to unreservedly apologise to those supporters (gypsies and chavs) who were on the receiving end of my frustrations after the game and I’d be happy to provide that apology in person to anyone who personally felt directly upset by my comments. “Whilst I have no excuses for my behaviour towards a few, I allowed my frustrations get the better of me and most certainly shouldn’t (should) have done so. The last few days at the club have been very emotional. “For everyone to see someone leave after such a long period of committed service was upsetting. “When I heard some of the things being directed at our players I wrongly erupted instead of ignoring it, as I should have done. (No-one makes my players cry and gets away with it)

It is like the chairman has stood over him whilst he wrote this and whipped poor Richard everytime he didn't say he was a twat in each sentence.

Thursday, 2 September 2010


So not only do England have another new kit probably priced at £40 a shirt although made by a 10 year-old girl in India but it seems like they are employing camper fashion designers each time to design the shirt.

This time, the FA have clearly joined forces with Topman to shove together this seasons strip.

Action needs to be taken against this disguisting way to steal money of young boys who don't know any better than to purchase these shirts every other week when a new one comes out. If you are going tomorrow night to the depressing building that is Wemberlee stadium then I plead you to wear all black. Every single England fan in protest.

Let's get Wembley looking like this
Note: The top tier is empty because nobody will be there tomorrow night, not because I couldn't be bothered to paint it black on paint.

Monday, 30 August 2010

August so far

The frustration of Saturday's frustrating loss will stay in Watford fans minds for the next two weeks. I'm sure all of us just want to groan as loud as our voices will allow us to at the thought of Leeds' early goal proving to be the match winner. Leeds, it has to be said, were simply awful and surely will be one of the worst teams to come to Vicarage Road this season but they are also a team that know how to win. It is a horrible thing to say about any football team especially about Leeds. It's sickening. The cheating, conniving... We missed a 'typical centre forwards presence,' the role Danny G seems to have taken up very well. And now, to rub salt in the wounds we have to painfully sit through an England match knowing full well that there is no football the next day and will instead probably be dragged around by the other half to go shopping for something uneeded.
It is all too easy for us to moan and groan at what could have been for Watford looking back at the games against Hull, County and Leeds, Leeds, Leeds but by taking a step back and looking at the current situation we should all be very satisfied. On paper we shouldn't have taken points off of Hull or Leeds for that matter. No one really expected us to get anything from Norwich on the opening night but Malky has kept it simple and has done everything he's capable of to ensure we have had a decent start to the season. (If you are reading this at the end of May 2011 and Watford have gone down by a few points then we should all be fuming at the matches we should have easily won back at the start of season against Cov and Hull. MALKY OUT!)
Lets hope the loan signing of De Laet from United goes through as apparently he does have the potential to be a very good full-back. Source? Of course, Football Manager.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Man City and Stevenage

The new most hated club in England? Hmm, I still feel Chelsea are edging it still just on the fans basis. But with Man City linked with every player in Europe valued above £20 million. Alas, we can see however that money certainly does not grant immediate success. Two pre-season friendlies played, two pre-season friendlies lost. So lets just hope this form is replicated in the league and they suffer.

Anyway, tonight's game at Stevenage will be on our minds as we almost anxiously hope that the players come back from some underpar performances against lower opposition. In fact it is quite scary how quickly the new season has come around. I hear the women sighing and groaning. The calamity of the WC has faded and it's almost time to play. Men are entering bookies up and down the country predicting the promotee's and the top scorers. The plans for the designated pub for Pompey away are beginning to be made.

The confusion of football fans on a Saturday afternoon is a week and a half away. Life is football, football is life for us.

Anyway, Stevenage away tonight. £18. F*** that.

Monday, 26 July 2010

AC Watford

Not too sure about the new away kit yet. It certainly is a change from the normal red strip we have that is for sure. The AC Milan style kit is priced at a whooping £41 for adults!

Unbelievable Jeff.

However, on the plus side, it does hopefully remind everyone of the unforgotten mauling of the scum on their own dump of a stomping ground. So if you are having one of those 'Monday's' at work and need some cheering up, here you go:

32 minutes gone, Lootown 0-4 Watford. Everything about the scum on that day was laughable. Pure genius.

On a further note, doesn't Graham look scarily like....

11 days

We are only 11 days away from the new 2010/11 Championship season which is about the time where most football fans begin to feel anxious whether their squad is good enough to exceed pre-season expectations. We start to predict the sort of season our team will have by just going on a mere 4 pre-season friendlies. So two wins against non-league opposition along with a loss and a draw against two league two outfits. What do we make of it? Can we? Is it too early to hold our opinions on Watford's season to come? It is difficult to answer. Pre-season scores, for sure, are nothing to dwell on. People who didn't go to St. Albans and see our two-nil win can easily but wrongly conclude that we don't have a chance in hell to 'do anything' this campaign but of course, the result is not important. These games are important. Important to confirm things like how Liam Henderson is completely crap.
We could turn this view around and say well being three-nil up at half time against Boreham Wood we have every chance of doing well this season.

BOREHAM WOOD and ST. ALBANS! The painters, builders and the ex-Wales u21 player who never played for Man City as well as Barnet and Northampton who are in the lowest tier of league football. It does not matter. We have a 24-man squad at the most, 19 of whom are under 25 years-old! A scary statistic. Lots of players who have never performed on a first team stage and many who have hardly played for the club.

Yes Malky is short of funds we all know that and I'm sure many supporters are panicking at the lack of signings and loans but we need not panic just yet. We have to remember that Cleverley and Lansbury did not arrive until the season had started. We need experience. If you thought last seasons squad was young then this squad so far is beating it. We need at least two players who can come into this team, into the first team and show experience. Create more of a balance in the squad and act as a sort of babysitting role, much like Eustace is having to do on his own. I cannot help but feel signings such as Aldred and Gilmartin are ones for League 1.

Let this not be the case and it seems as if we really do need to get behind those golden boys because the squad at the moment needs every bit of help it can get. I still look very much forward to next season as I am sure many of you do but £31 for Norwich? A joke which is becoming all too regular in the world of football.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Hurry up August!

My only positive note from World Cup 2010 is not a footballing one but a social and economical one for not only South Africa but Africa as a whole. Well done, I applaud you for providing top quality stadiums and security and tuneful music during matches (die vuvuzela's).

We learnt that international football is completely pants and over-rated, containing many players who really do not wear their shirt with pride and would rather be at home shagging their cheating girlfriends or spending money on prostitutes whilst their girlfriend is out cheating. However despite the lack of class and exciting football we do notice a HUGE pro. This, is that in any kind of circumstance and however dire a situation is in a place, football will always come out on top and stronger. No amount of poverty, disease and death will prevent football of the highest stage being presented in such a well-mannered way. We must also mention North Korea. Not even the most secret, frightful and crazy nation in the world could stop themselves from competing.

The most pleasing banner seen at the World Cup...? A: "Kim-Jong-Il thinks I am at work."

With the warzone of a World Cup final now over, it's now time to focus on the upcoming season. I am sure you can agree with me when I say that we have to forget the last month of football, do some gardening for the next few weekends and then it all begins. The first match of the season. When all pre-season results count for nothing especially a 5-0 win vs Boreham Wood in early July. And as soon as that first Norwich goal flies in at 8pm on 6th August, the buzz of a new struggle begins.

Come on August, get a move on.