Friday, 3 September 2010

Same old L*ton

The scum from up the road have never changed and never look like doing so either. They won their first two or three games and sitting pretty at the top of the league. Last Saturday they lost to Tamworth 3-1 (wahey) and their oh so clever 'supporters' decide to give the players and staff so much absue that this occured after the game:

The next day, this was posted on their website by the manager, his secret thoughts are in bold:

He said: “I over-reacted and was wrong to do so. (No I did not, the only thing I did wrong was not hit one pikey) There are no two ways about it and I should know better. “I would like to unreservedly apologise to those supporters (gypsies and chavs) who were on the receiving end of my frustrations after the game and I’d be happy to provide that apology in person to anyone who personally felt directly upset by my comments. “Whilst I have no excuses for my behaviour towards a few, I allowed my frustrations get the better of me and most certainly shouldn’t (should) have done so. The last few days at the club have been very emotional. “For everyone to see someone leave after such a long period of committed service was upsetting. “When I heard some of the things being directed at our players I wrongly erupted instead of ignoring it, as I should have done. (No-one makes my players cry and gets away with it)

It is like the chairman has stood over him whilst he wrote this and whipped poor Richard everytime he didn't say he was a twat in each sentence.

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