Monday, 12 July 2010

Hurry up August!

My only positive note from World Cup 2010 is not a footballing one but a social and economical one for not only South Africa but Africa as a whole. Well done, I applaud you for providing top quality stadiums and security and tuneful music during matches (die vuvuzela's).

We learnt that international football is completely pants and over-rated, containing many players who really do not wear their shirt with pride and would rather be at home shagging their cheating girlfriends or spending money on prostitutes whilst their girlfriend is out cheating. However despite the lack of class and exciting football we do notice a HUGE pro. This, is that in any kind of circumstance and however dire a situation is in a place, football will always come out on top and stronger. No amount of poverty, disease and death will prevent football of the highest stage being presented in such a well-mannered way. We must also mention North Korea. Not even the most secret, frightful and crazy nation in the world could stop themselves from competing.

The most pleasing banner seen at the World Cup...? A: "Kim-Jong-Il thinks I am at work."

With the warzone of a World Cup final now over, it's now time to focus on the upcoming season. I am sure you can agree with me when I say that we have to forget the last month of football, do some gardening for the next few weekends and then it all begins. The first match of the season. When all pre-season results count for nothing especially a 5-0 win vs Boreham Wood in early July. And as soon as that first Norwich goal flies in at 8pm on 6th August, the buzz of a new struggle begins.

Come on August, get a move on.

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  1. I'm getting overly excited about August as well... who knows what great things will Watford FC