Monday, 26 July 2010

11 days

We are only 11 days away from the new 2010/11 Championship season which is about the time where most football fans begin to feel anxious whether their squad is good enough to exceed pre-season expectations. We start to predict the sort of season our team will have by just going on a mere 4 pre-season friendlies. So two wins against non-league opposition along with a loss and a draw against two league two outfits. What do we make of it? Can we? Is it too early to hold our opinions on Watford's season to come? It is difficult to answer. Pre-season scores, for sure, are nothing to dwell on. People who didn't go to St. Albans and see our two-nil win can easily but wrongly conclude that we don't have a chance in hell to 'do anything' this campaign but of course, the result is not important. These games are important. Important to confirm things like how Liam Henderson is completely crap.
We could turn this view around and say well being three-nil up at half time against Boreham Wood we have every chance of doing well this season.

BOREHAM WOOD and ST. ALBANS! The painters, builders and the ex-Wales u21 player who never played for Man City as well as Barnet and Northampton who are in the lowest tier of league football. It does not matter. We have a 24-man squad at the most, 19 of whom are under 25 years-old! A scary statistic. Lots of players who have never performed on a first team stage and many who have hardly played for the club.

Yes Malky is short of funds we all know that and I'm sure many supporters are panicking at the lack of signings and loans but we need not panic just yet. We have to remember that Cleverley and Lansbury did not arrive until the season had started. We need experience. If you thought last seasons squad was young then this squad so far is beating it. We need at least two players who can come into this team, into the first team and show experience. Create more of a balance in the squad and act as a sort of babysitting role, much like Eustace is having to do on his own. I cannot help but feel signings such as Aldred and Gilmartin are ones for League 1.

Let this not be the case and it seems as if we really do need to get behind those golden boys because the squad at the moment needs every bit of help it can get. I still look very much forward to next season as I am sure many of you do but £31 for Norwich? A joke which is becoming all too regular in the world of football.

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