Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Man City and Stevenage

The new most hated club in England? Hmm, I still feel Chelsea are edging it still just on the fans basis. But with Man City linked with every player in Europe valued above £20 million. Alas, we can see however that money certainly does not grant immediate success. Two pre-season friendlies played, two pre-season friendlies lost. So lets just hope this form is replicated in the league and they suffer.

Anyway, tonight's game at Stevenage will be on our minds as we almost anxiously hope that the players come back from some underpar performances against lower opposition. In fact it is quite scary how quickly the new season has come around. I hear the women sighing and groaning. The calamity of the WC has faded and it's almost time to play. Men are entering bookies up and down the country predicting the promotee's and the top scorers. The plans for the designated pub for Pompey away are beginning to be made.

The confusion of football fans on a Saturday afternoon is a week and a half away. Life is football, football is life for us.

Anyway, Stevenage away tonight. £18. F*** that.

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