Monday, 30 August 2010

August so far

The frustration of Saturday's frustrating loss will stay in Watford fans minds for the next two weeks. I'm sure all of us just want to groan as loud as our voices will allow us to at the thought of Leeds' early goal proving to be the match winner. Leeds, it has to be said, were simply awful and surely will be one of the worst teams to come to Vicarage Road this season but they are also a team that know how to win. It is a horrible thing to say about any football team especially about Leeds. It's sickening. The cheating, conniving... We missed a 'typical centre forwards presence,' the role Danny G seems to have taken up very well. And now, to rub salt in the wounds we have to painfully sit through an England match knowing full well that there is no football the next day and will instead probably be dragged around by the other half to go shopping for something uneeded.
It is all too easy for us to moan and groan at what could have been for Watford looking back at the games against Hull, County and Leeds, Leeds, Leeds but by taking a step back and looking at the current situation we should all be very satisfied. On paper we shouldn't have taken points off of Hull or Leeds for that matter. No one really expected us to get anything from Norwich on the opening night but Malky has kept it simple and has done everything he's capable of to ensure we have had a decent start to the season. (If you are reading this at the end of May 2011 and Watford have gone down by a few points then we should all be fuming at the matches we should have easily won back at the start of season against Cov and Hull. MALKY OUT!)
Lets hope the loan signing of De Laet from United goes through as apparently he does have the potential to be a very good full-back. Source? Of course, Football Manager.

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